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Junk Journal Jargon


1.  BB = Belly Band.

2. Boho = Bohemian.

3. JJ = Junk Journal.

4. LBG = Little Golden Book.

5. RAK = Random Act of Kindness.


 1. ACEOs, Art Cards Editions and Originals = 3.5” x 2.5” artworks (like ATCs) that are meant to be sold

2. Art Journal = a journal often containing both words and artwork. Most often created by visual artists.

3. Altered Book = a book that has been changed from its original form. To alter it into a journal for collage, artwork, writing and other forms of embellishment.

 4. ATCs, Artist Trading Cards = miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. They usually measure 2.5” x 3.5”.

5. Belly Band = a vertical or horizontal strip of paper (or fabric) that you can attach to a journal page to hold ephemera.

 6. Bits and Bobs = things or objects of different kinds, such as bits of paper, lace, fabric, etc.

 7. Bling = is something flashy, shiny or showy. Like sequins, rhinestones, etc.

 8. Bone Folder = a tool with a pointed end to smooth paper and run along folds.

9. Bulb Pins = are bulbous or pear-shaped safety pins that function like a safety pin. Often used to pin tags, dangles or other embellishments.

10. Clusters = scraps of paper and/or fabric that you can glue, sew, or staple together into a cluster. Attach to your journal pages for interest.

11. CriCut = an electronic cutting machine that can cut shapes out of paper, vinyl and card stock.

12. CropaDile = hand held hole punch and eyelet setter. There is also a Big Bite and corner cutters.

 13. Dangles = handmade embellishments usually made from paper, beads, fabric, or yarn (or a combination of materials) to form an element that can be attached to a journal with a clip, bulb pin, or other method. It is most often used to dangle from the spine of the journal.

 14. Die Cut = a sharp die used to cut paper or card stock. A machine you can use to mass-produce cut-out shapes (like a cookie cutter).

15. Digi Kit or Digital Kit = a package of artistically designed elements that can be printed and used to embellish journals. Sometimes a kit contains all that is needed to create an entire journal.

16. Distressing = a way of manipulating pages in a journal to make them look old, aged or grunged. There are many ways to do this, but most often it’s done with the blade of your scissors rubbed along the edge. Also, inks can be used to darken page edges.

17. Embossing = to produce raised images or texture on paper or card stock. You can emboss with a die cutting/embossing machine, by hand, or with embossing powders and a heat gun.

18. Ephemera = items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed, that were originally expected to have short-term use, such as bus tickets, tags, labels, envelopes, etc.

19. Flip Thru = a video of a finished journal showing each page and elements of the pages.

20. Flips and Flaps = pieces of paper or fabric that you can attach to a page. The flap flips up to reveal additional elements, such as photos, sentiments, or designs.

21. Frankenpaper = A piece of paper (letter, document, etc.) that has been pieced back together with tape, glue or staples. It can then be torn into pieces to use as embellishments in junk journals.

 22. Fussy Cutting, Fussy Cuts = is the process of cutting a design, graphic, illustration, etc. from paper so that you cut most or all of the white space (background) away from the image.

23. Glue Book = It is a type collage journal usually made from an altered book. It’s created by gluing down everyday items such as magazine clippings, labels, tickets, postcards, etc.

24. Grunge = making paper look old, worn and dirty.

25. Happy Mail = is anything that you're excited to see in your mailbox! It's a note from a friend, a greeting card, or a little package full of fun things when you least expect it.

26. Journal Cards = provide an additional spot to journal on. Tuck it into a pocket or somewhere else on a journal page. Standard sizes are 3” x 4” and 4” x 6” but any size is acceptable.

 27. Kiss Cut = There is a small margin around the image after cutting it out. Stickers are cut through the vinyl/paper layer and around the edge of your design without cutting through the backing paper.

28. Masterboards = a single collage that is then cut into pieces for your project, such as tags, ATCs, journal cards, etc. It can also be copied and printed as a whole for a background page design.

29. Pockets and Tuck Spots = these are added to your pages to hold tags, journaling cards and ephemera.

30. Random Act of Kindness (relating to giveaways) = when someone sends Happy Mail to you, and expects nothing in return.

31. Scoreboard = plastic ridged board that you can use to score lines and folds onto paper or card stock.

32. Snippet Rolls = long strips of paper, card stock or fabric that you can glue or sew scraps of fabric, paper, yarn, etc. onto. You can cut them into smaller pieces and use as belly bands in your journals.

 33. Stash = craft items you’ve got stowed away for later use.

34. Tackling Scraps = using up the scraps of paper and other materials you have left over from other projects. Using what’s laying around on your craft table.

35. Tip in = any card or paper attached to any edge of a page. It can be glued, sewn, taped, stapled, etc.

36. Traveler’s Notebook = A journal carried with you on a trip. It’s used to collect and keep memorabilia.

37. Tri-fold Folio = A journal that folds out to three sections.

Example Junk Journal Pages






Ephemera Examples

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