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Vintage Girls Originals is a creative home-based business developed by two best friends, Laryssa and Anne. Although we live states apart, we work together developing handmade junk journals, art, and ephemeral products to those searching for the unique, one of a kind, original pieces to use and enjoy.


Vintage Girls Originals offer a wide range of beautiful and handmade articles, ranging from original artwork on vintage book pages; complete sets, kits and items for you to make your own junk journals with everything you may need. In addition, we offer themed items as well as custom orders!

We take great pride in offering the very best finished items in a wide variety of options. We merge our talents into creating the best, authentic handcrafted pieces for you to use and enjoy.


Look for more exciting items coming soon, such as wreaths, prints, themed playing cards, ornaments, quilts and more!

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